Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Orphan and Free Primary School Education

Although fees for primary education in Malawi were abolished in 1994, the cost of some of the things that support education is going higher and higher at the end of everyday. Things like books, uniforms, pens, shoes, plus administrative costs as well as food, can prevent poor children such as orphans and vulnerable children from being able to go to school. As we are all aware and understands that primary school education is a key or foundation of every higher level of study to every individual. Therefore we are appreciating for the Government of Malawi by introducing free primary education.

Nevertheless, Good outcome results from free primary school education can not be achieved, if some children especially orphans and vulnerable children who are in lackadaisical state most of their times. Especially the support of the things the author mentioned above.

While we are applauding for free primary school education, we must also understand that the next level of education after primary school is secondary school which is not free at all. Don’t think we can all sit back and see an orphan child complete his/her primary school education and be proud of that! No! I don’t think so!
It can be more fantasy and prideful to see orphans and vulnerable children precede their education at least up to secondary school level.

At secondary level, tuition and examination fees put school even further out of reach to the orphans and vulnerable children. Therefore, it is the act of good will from every particular individual that can change the situation.
• Together we can change the world by providing good living standards to the orphans and vulnerable children.
• The act of good will can help by making education available to the orphans and vulnerable children.
• The act of good will can help making free primary school education a reality by providing orphans and vulnerable children with supporting needs.
• Together we can help bringing hope among the orphans and vulnerable children for better future.
• Education helps build ideas in ones mind, without basic education even an intelligent child would not be able to develop to his full potential.
• A basic education is essential for someone to understand how the world works and to appreciate the value of the property one has.

The author of this article believes that the future of every individual child is in hands of God through the people of good will. Therefore all the people who help others are good people blessed by God. Together, let’s help the orphans and vulnerable children.

Orphans of Malawi by Moses

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Educate an Orphan Child

While travelling through out the country visiting orphanages and vulnerable children, we have found out one common thread, many children have lost hope for a bright future. Because of the hardships they have experienced and the conditions in which they live. They have developed a feeling that fate has doomed to a life of poverty.

Many of the orphans and vulnerable children in third world countries, education is only means for pulling them out of poverty. But, for many of them, obtaining an education is an elusive goal.
Even though many Governments provides free education through the public schools, many children especially orphans cannot afford to buy some of the requirement to support them while studying.

Malawi has a very serious problem in this particular subject. Government on its own do allot but cannot meet these children with some of their needs, such as school uniform, shoes and books.

The Author of this article is therefore pleading with those people of good will, to look into Malawi and Orphans. By making education available to these orphans and vulnerable children with anything you think you can afford. Remember - Together we can change the world.